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Real Estate Analytics
Real Estate Analytics

In order to extract real value from data, businesses are in need of a solution that can help them extract, align and filter important data to come up with actual solutions.

Delfi Properties Analytics is a revolutionary platform that enables users to view graphical or visualised data using cross data tabulations to depict actual transactions and data projections.

Delfi Analytics uses proprietary algorithms to continuously ingest, analyse and transform ever growing amounts of data from various sources into an optimised solution that enables businesses to dynamically adjust to ever changing environments.

The Delfi Properties Analytics uses advanced statistical and econometric analysis of data sourced from the most reliable and scrutinized data sources, including the Land Registry, Cy Stat, IMF projections as well as primary research.

Proprietary tools and data

Delfi Analytics Real Estate filters transactional evidence from the Land Registry through its dynamic algorithm and cross validates changes in prices with other publically available data.

Real estate analysis is performed both on demand and supply level and per sector to give you the most accurate thoroughly analysed data available.

  • Proprietary tools and data: Real estate analysis is performed both on demand and supply level and per sector.
  • Transactional Data Cross - Validation: Unlock the value of your data faster with Delfi Properties Analytics cross validation.
  • Real Estate Analytics helps you achieve your targets: Innovative thinking, fresh data and insights keep your business ahead of the competition.

Data from various sources is input to our proprietary econometric methodology tailor-made for the Cyprus property market. Delfi Data has also created its own Property price index comparing the RICS and CBC property price index.

Primary & secondary research is conducted to update our databank with reliable, primary sourced data (incl. absorpution rates, vacancy rates, etc). Real estate data is constantly filtered to provide the most up-to-date and accurate database on the Cyprus property market. 

Filtered data from the Cypriot land registry (from 2006 and onwards) to remove duplication of information presented in any structured method (tubular, map, hybrid) including statistics by area with cross verification of transactional data through proprietary methods. Data is divided by category (house, flat, field, plot, etc) and per region and sub-region (only for Cyprus).

Data from CyStat is automatically sourced and updated every time new data is published so there is no need to look to other sources other than our centralised databank.